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Why not solve real problems while learning?


We produce video communities and train teachers at all levels in producing videos of their own teaching practice. The videos are shared with fellow teachers and used as a source of reflection for the development of teachers’ own practice.

Unlike many other professions, teachers all over the world are very isolated in their professional lives. They rarely – in most cases never – see other teachers teach, nor teach in collaboration with other teachers. They lack a ‘community of practice’ and access to peer-to-peer feedback and inspiration.

Videos and social media can help overcome this. By involving teachers in recording own practices, we support that good and inspirational teaching practices are identified, documented and shared fast and efficiently. It is a bottom-up and potentially exponential way to boost teachers’ competences as part of their everyday work.

Videos can demonstrate what is hard to describe in words – learning processes and pedagogical methods as they unfold with the learners. The videos are up to a few minutes long and recorded with the technology at hand – teachers’ own smartphones or tablets.

Thus, we empower teachers to reflect, share, source and develop their own practice by improving their capabilities for self-organized and collaborative competence development. In doing so, we take part of an international movement, where videos and social media are used to ‘hack’ learning on an ongoing basis.




AMONGI is a participatory, collaborative and scalable learning system, where teachers receive training and support while producing videos of their own teaching practice. Offline and online training modules supports the process as well as peer-to-peer feedback. It is maker-centred, cost-effective and practice based directly from the classroom. The purpose is to nurture an entrepreneurial ‘open source’ culture among teachers in order for them to learn better and faster  – and thereby collectively strive for the creation of even better learning outcomes among the learners.


Craft & Design

An online video community for craft and design teachers sponsored by the Ministry of Education in Denmark. Craft and design is a new subject on the curriculum of Danish schools. The aim of the community is to involve teachers in documenting and sharing own pedagogical practices by using their smartphones and tablets in making short videos. However, in the early prototype phase videos have been recorded and edited by a professional video photographer.

We also work with…

Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke ActionAid
Vejle Kommune
Qeqqata Kommunia
Danida Fellowship Centre
The Velux Foundations
Foreningen Grønlandske Børn



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